Saturday, June 20, 2015

In the Beginning...

It all started with a few news pieces and articles back when the company was even more young than it still is. I remember being intrigued by how the Roadster was blowing away pretty much any supercar, and was all-electric, AND had tons of range (200+ miles per charge was and still is kind of unheard-of).

Then, the car that would soon change everything was announced: the Model S. The "family" car that could do 0-60 in half the time as most others. I was secretly coveting one so badly, but convinced myself it would never happen since I'm not rich.

Fast-forward a few years. My desire had not waned, no matter how much I tried to convince myself; and the Model S (now a couple years more mature) continued to improve. Notably, the "D event" added autopilot hardware and dual motors. This would eventually become one of the last nails in the coffin.

Then, enter 2015...
My wife, just one random weekend, encouraged me to GET ONE. Still trying to convince myself that I could never afford to buy something this expensive that wasn't an absolute necessity, I agreed to at least visit the Tesla store. That was a monumental step right there.

Soon, we're looking around the store, of course having a close-up look at the cars. Let me remind you that I had been in this position before, but that time was just to merely satisfy my curiosity; and I remember walking away with a substantial underwhelmed feeling. The seats weren't good, and the interior just felt cheap. But this time... wow. Tesla had made major upgrades, especially with the next generation seating. Even HeeLa's qualm (low head-room) was squelched (especially with the panoramic roof).

Bam... next thing we know, we've scored an impromptu TEST DRIVE!

Then, the heavens opened up, light shone down, and choirs of angels began to sing.

That test drive changed everything. After 3 minutes, I was convinced that I NEEDED this car. I would later start to hear that anecdote quite a lot from current owners.

Going back home in my turbo-charged Acura RDX that day... man, that was painful. I felt like I had reverted to the 19th century horse and carriage or something. But that was okay... I had created a Tesla account, chosen a preliminary order configuration (originally the 70D), and set my mind to crunching numbers for the rest of the weekend.

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