Monday, June 22, 2015

Premium Audio or Not?

Just a quick side-note about the audio packages.

I'm not a hard-core audiophile; but I do have a very sensitive ear. I appreciate a wide dynamic range complete with both low and high frequencies, and just enough mids to make vocals clear. I often listen to electronic, by the way. And since the interior of a car is my mobile office / meditation space for at least an hour each day, being able to crank it is important to me.

First, I'll let you know that I agonized and researched for days about this. Because everybody's hearing is subjective and widely varied, I could not come to any definitive conclusion about whether to go with standard audio or pay $2,500 for the premium studio package.

The premium studio package adds a few more channels, Dolby/DTS, subwoofer, and custom-designed acoustics for the car (even with glass roof).

Part of today's test drive was to determine if I could hear a difference between the two.

Long story short: I could not.

There is a bit more low-end with the sub, but I wasn't too impressed with it's strength.

In summary, if the package was only like $500, I'd do it. But for a costly $2,500? Nope.

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