Friday, September 18, 2015

Going Back to ICE

Because I hadn't had time to affix my new temporary tag, and I didn't want today's rain to mess up my fresh wash/wax, I drove our ICE to work today.

It was... an experience.

I'll note that I haven't driven a gasoline engine car since I picked-up the Tesla over a month ago. I'll also note that my wife's ICE is no sloucher, either (a relatively new Acura with a turbo-charger).

I felt like I was drunkenly operating a clunky old steam locomotive, rather than being ONE with the road. I mean, I pushed the gas pedal, waited a second or two as the RPMs noisily rose, and only then did I start to gain some speed as the transmission started to convey those explosions to the wheels in a flurry of noise and vibration.

I literally thought the car was broken somehow or needed service. About 15 minutes later, as the engine warmed-up (I had forgot about that necessity), things got a little more smooth, but not much.

I think I'd rather even settle for a Nissan Leaf than an ICE... internal combustion is such an archaic construct ~ I had NO idea. And yes... I'm aware I sound like a complete douche-bag. I don't care. Electric is the future. I'm completely convinced, now.

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