Sunday, September 13, 2015

Title and Registration Woes

I fear that I may soon be without my Tesla for a while, after this week.

My temporary Ohio license plate will have expired by this coming Thursday, which is 45 days after purchase/pick-up. But, no worry, because that gives me plenty of time to transfer the title to my state and obtain my own registration, right? Maybe not.... I still haven't received my original Ohio title.

I got my purchase agreement, bill of sale, and a photocopy of my Ohio title, via FedEx just a day or so after I last inquired about the delay from my DS in Cincinnati (so I think Tesla is on the ball here); but when I went to the BMV, I was told they couldn't do anything until I could bring the original title with me.

I'm wondering why I got my other paperwork from Tesla so late. The cover letter was dated around the time I sent the email to my DS. Either Tesla forgot to send the paperwork to the Ohio DMV, or the Ohio DMV is slow as Hell and Tesla sent me that paperwork as an email response/courtesy.

I'm not sure who to blame here... Tesla or Ohio. Honestly, it wouldn't be a stretch to blame Ohio, I think. But IF this was a result of Tesla's negligence, then this will be my first major negative mark against the company.

We'll see this week, I suppose.

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