Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tesla Mobile Ranger Service Experience (and Bug Update)

Being a new owner, I've just had an "otherworldly" experience, of sorts. Those of you with Teslas might be aware of the mobile ranger service; but for everyone else, let me tell you about it. No other car company does this, to my knowledge (but correct me, if I'm wrong). I didn't have to go to a dealership, I got to work on time... the whole deal.

Currently, Indianapolis doesn't have a physical dedicated Tesla Service Center; but they do have a service team based out of a temporary location in Zionsville (actually a body shop there that's authorized to perform work on the aluminum in a Tesla). Tesla is supposed to be opening a service center in Indianapolis by the end of this year; but until they do, Indy area owners get the benefit of having a technician actually come to your home or work to do any needed service, free of charge. I believe that if you have a service center nearby, the ranger service is a $100 charge, though.

The front panel corner popped up (forgive the ugly water spots)
So, I actually had two issues to address during the service/ranger visit: the front panel in front of the panoramic roof (sunroof) had a corner popped up, and the issue with the shuddering while slowing down. For the former, it was a minor eyesore and (I thought) potentially a point of water ingress. As for the latter, if you read my post from a few days ago, you'll know that I had a vibration or shudder start happening in the rear end after a software update (very minor, and not even an annoyance really, but I did want to ensure it wasn't something else major). Anyway, I reported the issues to Tesla, and they scheduled someone to meet me and check it out.

The technician actually met me at my house, with a loaner P85+ (all red and sexy looking LOL). However upon clearing the previous client's memory, the center screen unit wouldn't boot back up. So, since he didn't want to inconvenience me with not having that for the drive to work, he offered to just come to my work later in the morning and do the checks / repairs there, on the spot.

This guy had a long morning, but was great!
Once he arrived in the white Tesla Ford truck (love the irony), he got to work.

It turns out that I have a newer pano roof that uses a different attachment layout, and the replacement panel they had wasn't exactly matching. The poor guy seemed to be embarrassed by the mix-ups this morning, but he did make it look a LOT better. Plus, he alleviated my concern about any potential water ingress by informing me that the area wasn't a critical seal area or anything. Regardless, he insisted on ordering a new (correct) panel and coming out in a week or so to do the repair again, mentioning that he wanted it to be perfectly right.

As for the shuddering at 4mph bug... it really is just a software bug, and not some larger hardware related issue. That was a very nice thing to have confirmed. He informed me that it's a well-known issue that Tesla's software engineers are working to resolve with another future software update.

To top it off, he took care to wipe down all affected areas to make them look pristine when finished. I did really appreciate that, since I just washed and waxed it 2 days before.

Overall, the whole experience has been exceedingly convenient (and what I hoped I had paid for with getting this car). So far, my life has been simplified, I must say... 100% win thus far, as I hoped. And as for the dedication and professionalism of all the Tesla people so far ~ I can't speak well enough. It's so refreshing to deal with competent and caring people, for once!

Update #1:
Apparently the software bug is related to a new "brake scrubbing" feature to help prevent accidents from wet discs during rain. At least that's the consensus from this guy on the forums.

Update #2:
The "roof applique" (as it's called) has once again popped up, so I will be glad when they come to fix it next time. Also, I was informed that my replacement bumper cover will also be in soon, and they can just do it all in one trip! (it had minor damage while in transit)

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