Wednesday, July 29, 2015

End of the Line: Chicago

She made it to Chicago!

And, thankfully, as you can tell by the map, she won't actually be IN that dreadful city. Instead, she's at the BNSF Logistics Park, just southwest of Chicago. Interestingly, this is apparently the largest inland port in North America.

I'm also a bit more relieved that she apparently won't have to experience the worst of Chicago traffic, either. Yep... I'm a dork.

So now, the big question... when is the delivery date?

Well, my DS explained it like this (and I'm paraphrasing, using my knowledge of railroading and trucking)...

The logistics team will unload the car from the train and stage it in their big parking lot (the asphalted area in the photos).

From there, they will then arrange truck transport to Cincinnati (the date that Tesla's been given is August 3rd).

Cincinnati will be the first stop of three in Ohio, so I'm assuming it will be one of those larger auto-transporter trucks (hopefully covered and protected from road debris).

So, the big variable is how long will my car sit in the staging area of the logistics park? Once my DS gets shipment information from them, he'll be able to schedule a date/time. So, hopefully, I'll know something in the next day or so!

As a bonus, I've found photos on the Internet of this place. Looks cool, until you notice it actually has a Google+ page (with ratings). Now I'm really worried about my previous post.

Take a look at the following ratings!
I hope they 1) don't fuck with my new expensive car, and 2) if they do, Tesla will make it right.


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