Monday, August 3, 2015

Arrival & Pickup Scheduled!

Well, THE time has arrived...
I've finally got an appointment to pick up my new Tesla! Only 2 more days to suffer through.

And as a bonus, my DS was kind enough to take mercy on my pathetic begging (I really am beginning to think that us waiting Tesla owners are mentally ill), and sent me a teaser picture!

There she is, right off the delivery truck... dirty, but in full glory... sipping on her first refreshing supercharge.

I can't wait to see it, in person. As you may know, mere pictures certainly don't do a Tesla any justice, whatsoever.

As for the actual delivery, I was informed that it arrived on a truck (7 Model S's in total) in Cincinnati, bright and early at 8am this morning. I guess the driver brought it from the Joliet rail yard (Chicago) overnight sometime. Any later, and I might've had to wait until Thursday... whew.

I was really hoping for a Tuesday pickup; but with more cars than usual, they're probably very busy. So, the next step is to drive down there Wednesday afternoon (they will rent me a car to drive one-way, free of charge) and simply bring it home!

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