Friday, August 21, 2015

Thoughts After 2 Weeks

So after two full weeks of ownership, here are my thoughts:

Regenerative Braking
It's fantastic that I can now do mostly "one pedal" driving. For those of you unaware of this, electric and hybrid cars are able to recapture the energy of motion and put it back into recharging the batteries as you drive (in gas cars, that energy is lost as waste heat in the brake pads and discs/drums). At any rate, I find myself very rarely using the actual brakes. Sounds dangerous, you say? Well, not really. The Model S supposedly uses an accelerometer (measures g-forces) to determine when to turn on the brake lights, while older gas cars use a switch on the brake pedal to turn them on. I have verified that this works, by the way, by either seeing the lights come on on my car's screen avatar or seeing the brake lights' reflection at night in the camera.

Software Updates
After my first software update seems to have introduced a bug, I've decided to delay any future updates for a few days, and see what the other owners say about the version, first. I used to do this with Android, for fear of bugs being introduced. The "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach. I've sent an email to my DS, sales consultant, and the nearest service center, but as of post-time, have not heard anything back. The forum community says a new bug-fix update is being developed. I wonder if there will be another revision to v6.2 or if it will just go to v7?

Tint and Heat Rejection
The metallized windshield does seem to block more heat than a regular glass windshield; but as someone who likes it COLD and breaks a sweat at 74 degrees, it's not quite enough. Let me reiterate: I really HATE heat... all forms of it. The side and back windows now have IR-blocking tint, but the front windshield has gone without it (for now). I will be putting the same on the front as soon as they can schedule me in.

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