Monday, August 17, 2015

Windows Tinted

First picture Daniel texted to me after he finished tinting.
I got my windows tinted today (thanks to Daniel at DT Services Window Tinting LLC in Carmel, IN), and I have to say they did an amazing job. I had two goals with tinting the windows: add a bit of privacy and block heat to save on energy consumption by the air conditioner.

I had noticed, by the way, that at full strength, the A/C pulls about 7 amps; but at reduced strength, it seems to pull as little as 2~4 amps. That's basically the difference of a few miles range per hour, I think.

I opted for the darkest legal tint allowable in Indiana (35%), and also for the ceramic infrared and heat blocking variety. Carmel Tint calls it "nano-ceramic IR blocking" tint; but the invoice indicated it might be technically called "Sirius XR." Either way, if the black seats are in the sun coming through the side windows, they are not any hotter than the shaded portion of the seat, so that's a win.

The only hiccup I experienced was in my desire to put 70% IR blocking film on the windshield (not really darker, but blocks heat). When I dropped my car off, I was told that they had unexpectedly ran out of the 70% film supply. So I'll wait and see if I can tolerate the heat and make a 2nd decision later.
The view from inside (inside the garage).

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