Saturday, August 22, 2015

Rear Wheel Alignment

One of the tasks on this little road trip was to stop at the alignment shop that my mom owns and see what the deal is with the infamous negative toe/camber on the rear wheels of the Model S.

For those of you unaware, Tesla specifies a negative camber to the rear wheels (presumably to aid in sticking to the road during hard cornering of this very heavy car). In the past, some have had such an aggressive misalignment -- as much as -3 degrees -- that their tires were wearing out on the inside edge after just 3,000 miles or so.

Mine appeared to be just over -1 degree, which did put my mind at rest somewhat. I really do wish it would be 0, but I'll just have to be careful to rotate the tires often. We'll see how things go after about 5,000 miles.

Thanks and shout-out to Larry at Charlie's Alignment in Sellersburg, for the late night inspection!

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