Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My First Software Update (6.2 revision)

After getting to work this morning, I noticed a new icon on the top of the big center screen: a little yellow alarm clock. Curious, I tapped it, and was surprised to see a notice of a new software update, and a prompt asking me when I'd like for it to install. Of course, I wasn't going to wait for the next day, since I thought it might be the much-anticipated version 7.

So as soon as I parked at work, I hit the "install now" button.

Immediately, a dialog appeared, allowing me a two minute countdown within which to cancel the update if I desired. Being determined, I waited out those two minutes, and after a few seconds, the next dialog appeared, letting me know that the update was proceeding.

At this point in the process, the background (consisting of maps and media apps) continued showing their respective content (even the music kept playing).

But after another couple of minutes, things began to get interesting. I started hearing various clicks and whirs from different parts of the car. At one point, even the windshield wipers wiped once. Thankfully the horn didn't honk or anything. I suppose the thought probably should have crossed my mind that the car might suddenly take me on an out of control joyride, but I wasn't really worried.
This warning appeared once toward the end of the update. It would later turn out that this feature was one of the updates.
Then, much to my bewilderment, it showed me that it was finished with a "What's New in Release" dialog.... showing v6.2. Crap. Shouldn't it be v7?! Oh well, I guess I'll keep waiting. I was really hoping navigation would be improved, at least.
Release Notes for the version that was just updated.

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